The California Bay Area’s Premier female artist in Traditional & Contemporary Hawaiian music.

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Aloha ka kou!

It is with much ease and excitement that I welcome you to my contemporary Music website. Your support for Hawaiian music has been such a blessing for my journey over the last twenty six years in the Greater Bay Area, Hawaii, Japan, the East and Pacific Northwest Coasts. Hope your families are safe and well into the new year with hope, love, aloha, warmth and compassion for all.
If you have not subscribed yet to my email list, please do. I so look forward to performing this year and will keep my fingers crossed to see you all soon.
It’s been fun zooming in 2020 with local fun Ukulele groups, radio interviews online, PIFA of San Diego Festival, Luther Burbank Center for The Arts and Local Series, Public Library Local performances and a few private parties online.
Having a lively time seeing happy smiles, connecting with people on the scenes while staying safe, surely has lifted our spirits!
Mahalo for dropping in, hoping for the best yet to come in 2021!
Aloha nui~
Faith Thompson Ako

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The California Bay Area's Premier female artist in Traditional & Contemporary Hawaiian music.