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This past year of 2020 was surely an uncertain time for us all. We somehow managed and made it through. Even though I did not get to perform my KU’U ‘A’INA ALOHA album tour from February to September, the album made the TOP TEN CHARTS on for ten months in 2020.
On January 1, 2021 my album made it to the TOP 12 selling albums of the year. This sweet local Maui distribution company sells hawaiian music worldwide to some 15, 000 customers. Mahalo to all the DJ’s, radio stations, online social media sites, artists, the fans, our families that support and promote our cultural music.
Punahele, your continued effort and endeavor’s in our music is much appreciated and we aloha nui you!
*Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou! 😍2020 YEAR END Top 12:
1. VARIOUS – Huliāmahi
2. HOʻOKENA – Meant To Be
4. JOSH TATOFI – Ua Kui A Lawa
5. VARIOUS – Lei Nāhonoapiʻilani – Nā Mele Hou
6. NĀ WAI ʻEHĀ – Lovely Sunrise
7. KEAO COSTA – Aloha Oʻahu
9. KALO DeLEON – From The Inside
10. EI NEI – Hui!
11. KAULIKE PESCAIA – Kuʻu Huakaʻi
12. KAMAKA KUKONA – Kahekeonapua

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Hit me up on both you tube video links below of places I have been. Met some great people through the years. One of my favorite things to do is to kokua, serving a few local communities in Sonoma County, the Greater Bay Area, Boston, Portland and home on Oahu.
Whether at a Shelter for the Homeless, singing for the goats on the farm, giving back to our local Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, rehearsing with Halaus, featuring local pre-schoolers at my christmas concert? Indeed this is what I so enjoy doing! This is the FUN part of my musical journey.
An important and integral part at high school (my other fun job) is sharing the island culture with students annually for Diversity/Unity Week. It is a culmination of different cultures, dances, lectures, guest and motivational speakers, that take place on campus all week. Our students learn about how to accept, respect, be aware of their surroundings with others on a kinder and more compassionate level. It’s a great feeling to inspire young minds in a positive and successful way.

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